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ThinkFirst for Teens

ThinkFirst for Teens (6th-12th grades), is a dramatic program that takes a more serious look at risk-taking activities through the eyes of other young people who have suffered brain or spinal cord injuries. In addition, health educators teach students about the anatomy of the brain, spinal cord and central nervous system. During this intensive 60-90 minute discussion, FNI educators use video, PowerPoint slide presentation and anatomical models to teach students about the anatomy of the brain and spinal cord. The highlight of the program is when students are introduced to a VIP speaker or "Voice for Injury Prevention".

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Become a ThinkFirst VIP Speakers: 

ThinkFirst VIP Speakers (Voice for Injury Prevention) share their personal stories to convey the message of injury prevention. They create a forum for open and frank dialogue by discussing how they were injured, how they could have prevented the injury and how they deal with life after paralysis or brain injury.

For more information to become a VIP speaker contact Mary at or 989-497-3075

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