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Project 11: Combination of therapy of temozolomide, aspirin, berberine and curcumin for treating glioblastoma. .


The aims of this project is to explore the efficacy of different anti-cancer drugs and their combinatorial effects on cell death and proliferation of cancer cells in a cell culture model of glioblastoma (GB). In this project, we are using different glioblastoma cell lines from human, rat, and mouse and testing these compoundsalone and in combination in order to protect cultured neurons from cell death induced by the introduction of glioblastoma cells into the culture. This study is being conducted by Panchanan Maiti (below).


Project 12Use of novel dendrimers to deliver pharmacological and genetic (CRISPR-Cas9) therapies to suppress the growth of glioblastoma in cell cultures and in the brains of mice.


This project has been proposed to NIH for funding by Julien Rossignol (PI) (below standing) and Gary Dunbar(Co-PI) (below sitting) and involves use of specially designed branched nanoparticles that can carry biotherapeutics across the blood-brain barrier and into the cell. The project is designed to test whether it can effectively transportchemotherapeutic and gene-therapy agents to suppress the growth and proliferation of glioblastoma cells, bothin culture and in SCID glioblastoma mice. Although the completion of the proposed project is pending NIHfunding, much of the preliminary work has been done in the FNI lab at CMU.

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