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Driver rehabilitation

The Driver Rehabilitation Program at Ascension St. Mary's Field Neurosciences Institute provides objective driving evaluations for people with disabilities or aging issues. Our goal is to embrace life by helping with the quality of an individual's life and increasing independence. 

Who Benefits?

Those individuals returning to driving after an illness or injury such as a stroke, brain injury, amputation, or neuromuscular conditions, such as MS, may benefit from this program. Senior citizens who have decline in function, including physical abilities, memory, and speed of processing could also benefit.

What is included in the driving program?

  • A Pre-Driving Screening is a clinical assessment conducted at FNI and is used to determine if an individual has the skills needed to be a safe driver.

  • An On-Road Evaluation is recommended following successful completion of the Pre-Driving Screening and is conducted by a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist. We will refer you to an outside agency, who is partnering with us, or you can opt to go to another site in the state. This assessment is conducted in a vehicle equipped with a variety of adaptive controls to accommodate drivers with a variety of disabling conditions.

  • A Driving Education component is included in all aspects of the driver rehabilitation program including counseling, support, and instruction in the use of a variety of adaptive equipment and community resources if return to safe driving may not be possible.

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