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FNI's ThinkFirst Earns 2020 National Chapter of the Year!

Mary & Tami - Brain Day 2014.jpg

"ThinkFirst Saginaw was nominated by Kelli Jankens and Lori Sheridan, both program directors, for the 2020 Chapter of the Year and after committee review, we are very excited to announce that your chapter has been chosen as the 2020 recipient! With your chapter's nearly 25 years of service and education in keeping your community injury free and your impressive number of programs through the years, the decision was a clear and easy choice! Your staff is well deserving of this award and I look forward to seeing all your team will do in years to come!"

Since 2013, ThinkFirst Saginaw has educated over 36,000 students and helmeted over 21,500 children preventing them from traumatic injuries. ThinkFirst Saginaw educates more students and fits the most helmets in all of the Michigan chapters.

Congratulations Mary and Tami!

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